Friday, 30 January 2015



That is all I heard as the ogres pummeled my high elves into war paint.

I thought I was playing a "training game" turns out my opponent bailed on me so got stuck playing an experienced payer. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. My army was not made to face an experienced tactical genius. Which showed as I only took a level 2 on high magic DOH!!!!

My list was pretty straight forward nothing filthy.

Prince - Barded Mount, 2+ save and a 6+ ward
Noble - BSB, Barded mount, 2+ save 6+ ward
Mage level 2 High, Mounted 6+ ward (hoping to get some nice spells off for a 4+)

9 Silver Helms Full command and shields
5 Revers, bows and spears Standard.

15 Sword masters full command. BOTWD

1 Bolt thrower
1 Frostie.

Nothing majorly filthy. As I said I thought I was facing a relatively new opponent and didn't want to baffle him with massive magic phases and dragons.

Started off quite slow against the ogres managed to kill an ogre and take of a few wounds nothing major. 1st turn for my opponent was pretty dull to nothing dead (yet.)

2nd turn really turned up my magic got shut down as I rolled a 7 average I know but when he channels and pops his scroll its hard to cast anything. My bolt thrower managed to kill his sabretusk all 21 points  of it and a 15 strong swordmaster unit killed his other dog. GO TEAM!!!

On his turn it went dark very very dark. He moved his fire-belly out of his iron-guts and tried to fireball the swordmasters doing 7 wounds. Thankfully I managed to save them all. due to BOTWD. With the banner now being shown he decided to breath a fiery inferno on the unit. Like a side show performer he limbered up his throat and nailed the unit. Dealing 8 wounds. taking the unit down to half strength. Safe to say the fire-belly had marked himself for death. The sword masters had passed their panic test and stayed to slay the fire-belly and anything that got in its way (I hoped).

He then tried to fire his iron blaster into my silver helm unit and KABOOM the cannon blew up and he was left with a nice looking chariot.

Next turn my frostie lined up a charge  into the side of his newly formed chariot. Swordmasters went into a unit of 3 bulls. Better to be the charger then the chargee against ogres. Nothing major with the silver helms they were biding there time.  Bolt thrower took a leadbelcher of that was shooting.

Combat went as planned the swordmasters battled the ogres and blended them up reformed to face the fire-belly all was going well. THEN...........

Turn 3 went from dark to grim. His chariot declared a charge on the silver helms. At this point if the chariot got in the whole unit would of gone as he had set up the iron guts to go in to. So I did the only thing I could do and flee. This would be the downfall my game. The chariot then failed the charge still leaving its flank exposed for my frostie not all bad.

His magic phase nothing happened he rolled a 3 casted troll-guts gave himself regen nothing major. However he had me exactly where he wanted me and I knew it.

My turn I charge the big budgie into the chariot and charged the seething swordmasters straight into the fire-belly. Tried to rally the silver helms rolled a double 6 couldn't use BSB cause was flying. I was curious to see if it would make a difference turns out not as I rolled another double 6. So off they went again tittering dangerously close to the edge of the table.

Shooting was good took a leadbelcher of they panicked and fled away. the frostie dealt with the chariot easy causing 3 wounds to the chariots 1. The chariot fled the frostie caught it job done.
The swordmasters made easy work of the fire-belly. They reformed to face the ironguts who had lay dormant for 2 turns

His turn 4 he moved the ironguts closer to guarantee they reached the cavalry next turn. He couldn't rally the leadbelchers Phew.
He used some filthy magic and on my cavalry took out a few more. There was now 3 characters and 4 guys to face an onslaught of ogres GULP.

So this was it now or never the time had come to rally the cavalry and get everything into the pesky ogres, and I did it the turned and were ready however everything else failed to charge. my swordmasters must of been tying their shoelaces and the frostie saw something shiny. They both failed to charge. So at this point I new my elves were destined for facepaint and to be worn as masks for ogre get togethers. I managed to magic an ogre off and raise my WS by 3. So I had my amazing 5+ ward save to save me from 30+ st6 sttacks. There is no point in me going into detail its safe to say they will not be seen again and high elf children now have no fathers.

It was a good game though. Loads of laughs from both of us mainly at each other.

This week sees the release of the Necrons. I am looking froward to getting my hands on it and see what rumors are true.

If you want to get in touch and tell me what your likes and dislikes are for the book that would be ace.

Cheers guys  until next time.

Mr Grind

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Ogres March Forward

Hey guys Grind here.

This week has been a slow but yet productive week. I was playing around with the idea of making leadbelchers without the ogre. Sounds pretty dumb I know but worth a shot right?

As you can see something a little different to a chubby man standing with his cannon out. Doing my leadbelchers this way is good for two reasons.

  1. Makes my army look pretty special
  2. I use less ogres meaning I can use them on other things like bulls, iron guts and man-eaters.
I hope to take 2 units of 3 as I know there not majorly powerful but who doesn't want  3d6 St4 AP shots? It if hits it's gonna hurt.

Working on these chaps was a lot of fun. Unfortunately skaven were hurt during the process as i need the plague mortars. However in my eyes it was worth doing.

Whilst I was looking at my noblar belchers. I saw a piece from another kit that looked like it needed using just wasn't sure in what model and how. It turned out the piece fitted really well into a unit of bulls I have been working on. So I now have a unit standard for the unit.

I contemplating using this guy as a slaughter-master or a butcher (but calling him a shaman on beasts). However with this he just doesn't stand out enough as a character but looks pretty good for a standard. So this guy is the new standard for the bulls.

So this week I have managed to build 2 leadbelchers and unit standard. I have started to paint the unit standard but he can wait till next week.

Moving onward. Tonight I have a game of WFB. I will be trying to teach some pearls of wisdom to a newcomer. So I will be taking High Elves no end time jazz just a basic 1500pts game. Nothing too filthy as this will the guys 3rd game. Also going back to playing 1500pts is a nice change of pace rather than playing 2400pts of tournament filth that you can find.

I will let you guys know what the outcome was hopefully the Elves will come back unscathed against the brute strength of the Ogres, but knowing my luck and the amount of times I have spent on the bottom tables of tournaments I will get smashed and the game will be over by turn 3.

Next time will check out the new necrons as they are the only 40k army I actually understand and hopefully get some feedback from other players.

Cheers Guys
Mr Grind

Twitter: @thehobbygrind.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Back with a Bite

So it would turn out that I haven't posted anything on here for well over a year. 

The past 12 months I have been to 3 tournaments and placed amazingly in the bottom third. (It takes skill to be that bad.) met some amazing people, learnt some new skills with playing and modelling and have realized which game system is for me.

I have attempted to play 40k with much excitement then realizing its not really for me. The back story is amazing. The whole father and son one ups man ship and aliens coming to chomp on whats left. The range has changed so much in 12 months and so has the meta. I don't know why but I feel that with the change in the meta and the surrounding players I am not suited for 40k and what it has to offer.

On the other hand WFB is where it is at for me. 

  • Models. Check
  • Story. Check
  • Diversity of models. Check
  • Tournament Scene. Check
There are so many things at this moment in time that are drawing me towards fantasy. the models are so pretty, current model ranges that are coming out and are up and coming are mouth watering.

The End Times seems to be a bit like marmite. You either love it or hate. not having played a game of WFB with the end times rules I can't comment but wit Twitter exploding and the models that are coming out its hard not to have an opinion on it.

Who would of thought that Nagash would be raising his skeletal head once more. Who would of foreseen all these major characters being caught with their trousers down and dragged to the realm of chaos. It has blown WFB wide open. 

I am just wanting to know what is being done with Ogres,Dwarfs,Orcs,Goblins and the Brets. Will the Brets join the empire and kick ass with cannons and horses. Will the Ogres join the army that bids the most or can offer the tastiest treat. Orcs and Goblins will surely back-stab everyone and paint everything green and shout WAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Hopefully in the upcoming weeks and months we shall know what is going on which side to back.

Next Week I will show you what I have been working on.

Thanks for reading.
Mr Grind

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Friday, 8 November 2013

Gone but not forgotten

Firstly I have to say painting is not my strong point. Painting imperial guard is now on the list on poorly painted models in my collection. 

However as the title states they have gone but not forgotten. Worse case I will strip and restart.

So now for TOMG I have switched my attention to necrons. I have always had a soft spot for necrons ever since I saw what Obyron (probably spelt wrong) could do. In the words of Rockies coach. "He's a wrecking machine"

As TOMG started I have found myself wanting to play more and more 40k. For people that know me this is very rare. Being a huge fan of WFB and recently going to my first tournament with the Bad Dice guys. I thought a change of game might be beneficial.

So my colour scheme for the necrons is blue. Building up from a black undercoat to almost an ice blue. I will post pictures up next time to fill you guy in with the progress. And obviously Obyron is in there from the start.

Cheers for viewing

Mr Grind 

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Countdown to TOMG

This is my first attempt at some sort of blog. I have always liked the idea of trying to write a blog but with the cyber jungle out there. Where the bloody hell do you start.

So this is my first of hopefully many posts .

My local GW store runs events called Tale of many gamers. This basically is a group of store compadres getting together every fortnight in a kind of show and tell environment. This for me is brilliant as it. (A) gives me time to plan and catch up on painting and (B) lets me chat with the guys involved and get their thoughts on painting and converting ideas.

So we are rapidly approaching the first hand in. Which is 1HQ and 1 Troops. These are my little beauties that I have chosen 

I have been thinking of a painting scheme for these. However it's easier than it seems. With a week left before 1st hand in. I can't afford to drop the ball on painting.

I will keep you guys updated on how they turn out  (pictures of course) and keep you updated on the comments I get back good or bad.

Cheers Guys

Mr Grind